It's been a good week....

But, I think I have mainly missed it...

From missing a perfectly side shore sunny down the line session on Sunday morning at Southbourne ( by the time I managed to get to the beach it dropped from 30 knots to 3), to possibly the best days wavesailing (even better than last week) at Avon yesterday. (long peeling over head high waves). Colin got out, thought it was pretty special. I did manage to get out for 40 minutes after work before dark, just about got the end of it and some fun waves. All the other days have been good too, especially in the Witterings, apparently (or actually, because the wonders of facebook just don't let you hide away from everyone else's good fortune but your own)

Even yesterday, my arms and ligaments felt tweaked and fully stretched from last saturday's hurricane exploits.

You have to feel for Coxy though, he is keeping a brave face on. He has been out of action most of the start of the year injured. He splintered his ankle bone in Tiree last year, went on to sail and come second at Cornwall. He then was in a lot of pain and off the water most of the time. This culminated in an operation to remove the bit of splintered bone from his ankle. It took a while for him to recover and to get fully on the water for the summer. In this time he managed to burst his ear drum free diving, again keeping him off the water. So after not really sailing much at all through the year, he felt that he should make a showing in Tiree - which didn't go well for him at all in the pro fleet. (hardly surprising since his lack of windsurfing). He then went to Cornwall, delivered a full round of retribution and made the pro final, only to get slammed down by a freak gust, on a not jump. His boomed slammed into his knee, stretching his ligaments and putting it out of joint. Meaning he can barely walk properly (this is his other leg)....So the salty sea dog, now not even with a shed to hide in, has had to hide away in the knowledge that everyone else on the southcoast is probably having the greatest October ever...

I guess the good thing about injuries is, they get better. Hopefully we will have him back on the water soon.


  1. Yeah, Wednesday was great & I managed to snap a few pics after my first hour (sail downsize break) out at about 1pm :
    Feel free to use them here if you want Clyde


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