Hellish windy and murky brown water

The seafront was pretty ballistic really. Solid 3.5 weather. I don't have a 3.5. The tides were low so wrong for avon, but it was a solid SW swell forecast for later and the possibility of down the line cross off wave riding we decided to go for Avon.

To be honest, we didn't like what we saw. The water was brown, murky and smelt of peat and land run off from the river. The waves were small, confused and choppy but at least the water was blowing off the back of the crests, which is always a good sign. It could only get better as the tide came in, and fortunately it did. Again the best waves were out the back on the sandbar before the river mouth. Then you tracked the wave through hellish chop as it crossed the run, then back up to a bowly little section. By the end though it was so windy that the sail ripped out of your back hand on the top turn, by the end gybing became a struggle as stupid gusts ripped across the water. Going in a straight line was a challenge, bearing down the line a mission.