Avon Summer Session

Or that is what it felt like yesterday, less than a week until November and if not falling in was getting pretty warm in my summer suit. The last few days have been a lot less windy than forecast for after work sails. Facebook tells me that Wednesday morning was a special day at East Wittering. I have `been completely cooked at work. But now it is half term. The epic forecast is like the icing on the cake for me. We have just about completed renovating the house, work is in order for paternity leave, now one week of warm wind and waves then I am ready to shut up shop for a bit, batten down the hatches and be completely committed to the arrival of child number two.

I suggested to Liz that should she go into labour over Sunday and Monday that we call the baby Stormy ( I was had a student called Stormie England), or at the very least the middle name could be Jude, after the impending hurricane! I am still waiting for a response on that one. Hopefully it will go to plan and not arrive until the 3rd.

Yesterday ended up pleasent enough, Myself and Casey watch them out for about an hour and half, Casey always takes great pleasure in telling me "that one fall down Daddy"! When Liz turned up the wind had gone a bit. Still it was nice enough with a 5.6 Black Tip and 95 quantum with some very small breakers. A warm up of what is too come. If anyone has got a 3.5 and a 70litre board they want to lend me, then let me know!!!!


  1. Its been good here all week, and today was no exception. My wife has said I can't sail monday due to the ferocity of the forecast, but we will see about that !!


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