Avon "storm" beach

Myself and Gregg were on the water for 9 am. Gregg spent about 10 minutes swimming after launching in a lull. Because it was so westerly the inside of Avon had no wind at all. The outside was honking 30 knots. I was maxed on a 4.5. This was fine though, because the waves were forming, peeling and breaking waaaaay out. Almost at the beach huts, if anyone knows the area.
This was in fact the best Avon has been for years. Not wanting to get too carried away, but the good sized set waves you were on for a good 200 meters I would say. Or what ever the distance from the red buoy at the end of the run, to the cafe is. Bubble was out shortly, think he was in shock at how much fun it was since he had just got back from Cornwall. Then many of the locals were out having a wail of time.

 I really wanted to get some pictures to do the outside wave justice, but I came in for a rest as the waves were dropping off, plus my zoom is not that large.

boo, the only picture I got of me. Liz thought her dad was taking pictures, then realised it was a binoculars he had.

I'm done in and ready now, my hands are blistered in 4 or 5 places and my body is in a state of permanent cramp. If Liz goes into labour tonight, I am all ready for the new adventure. It has been a memorable 4 days of sun, extreme winds, and cross off down the line wave riding. What an October.