Avon in it's element

Avon was a lot of fun and hard graft today. It was sunny, cross offshore, gusting 40, light on the inside. At first the waves were being blown flat, but holding onto a 4.2 with any style was hard enough. Then as the swell hit, so did the large period. There were long flat spells. But when the sets came through right out back you could get one or two good power hits on good logo plus sections. Then track the wave over the channel and the reform at about head high lead to 3, maybe 4 turns with nice flat sections to gouge an extremely well powered up bottom turn. The jumping was pretty hard to control. Tomrrows like even more is on the way, hopefully we will have a zoom lens to see some of the outside waves. Thanks to Olly for taking pictures of some of the jumps (which I have to say I didn't feel I had much control of, because it was much windier up there, than down on the water).

Afterwards Liz said she had never seen so many elated males!