Time n tide n all that...

Yesterday's forecast didn't quite live up to expectations unfortunately. The conditions were really interesting though. It was one of those sessions that could have been really good, but wasn't quite. The wind seemed to feel windy, but didnt really get you going. The waves seemed to be there, but were not really breaking for most of the time. Occasionally you would get the odd good, if you dared to come close enough in.
speed, blur, flash. Andy Chambers

Had it been, low tide I think the waveriding could have been decent. It was side shore enough, and there was enough wind here in there. Andy Chambers was out on a 4.5 and getting going, which is quite amazing really. I was on a 5.0 and a 95. Pete on a 5.3 - it didnt really seem to matter what you were out on, as too how much time was spent planing. Overall though a pretty late, light but fun session.