How do you prepare for that?

Weeks of summer, a bit of an Indian summer, light winds then BAM, full on, full power, 4.2 weather with some raging seas. Some long swims, hold downs and that was in the first 20 minutes.

I don't think any amount of training, gym work actually can get you to the strength you need to sustain for proper hi wind wavesailing. One minute you holding your breath, then swimming for your life to try and catch up with your gear before it gets broken into small pieces on the sand bar. Then water starting, clinging with all your might as the sail tries to rip out of your hands, as you are fighting over breaking waves.

Then lining up for a jump, breathing hard and trying to muster the strength to have some sort of vague control. And that is just one run, we haven't even come to the wave riding yet.

What type of training can simulate that. Right now my forearms and biceps are hurting. By the end trying to wave ride became futile, swims more regular so it was time to come in.

A good crowd on the water today, Tim Cox, James Cox and Simon Cox. They are actually related. Pete Manuel, Iain Hunter, Matt Wigham, Ollie Wood and a few more. There seemed to be some sort of issue with Roast Dinners today too. Tim had to go in early to get back for one, Gregg didn't make it out quite late because he had to cook one, which relied on him finishing building his kitchen. Myself, well I just forgot to get the bird out of the freezer, or did I...?

Maybe Iain also forgot his roast too, maybe that explains the small tantrum he had, or maybe it was just the infamous southbourne shorebreak getting the better of him and messing with his mind?

Not the best day for pictures. I did get excited about catching some backloop shots on the go pro. It seems the memory stick has other ideas and somehow unformatted itself.

Tomorrow, we are all going to ache. That is a certainty.


  1. looks solid, it howled here too.

  2. Looks like it could be bit bigger 2marrow. KBAY today thou.

  3. Southbourne looking good later today. KBAY ledges sweet as a nut y'day : sunny, cross off, 3-4ft, maybe 15 others out incl. Andy 'Bubble' Chambers. Some guy really nailing back pushies.

  4. Hi' I was one of the others out on that angry sea day a bit further up wind with a few mates, was on a Blacktip 4.7 and was survival sailing really! see you next time for a beating!! great blog i always keep an eye on it.

  5. Seems a long time since ive been out at southbourne, starting to really miss the place


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