Needles Crossing

Every year, I  keep thinking that it can't take too long to sail from Hengistbury Head to the needles on the IOW. Never really looks that far on a clear day. If something did break then that could be a problem, but with an onshore sea breeze in the summer, then surely the worst that could happen is that you drift in somewhere. This year I thought that it would be best to do it accompanied by my brother in law in his boat. However, the reality is that trying to get all these fairly simple elements together is actually very unlikely.

So yesterday, I hadn't really expected to windsurfing. We are holidaying down Mudeford beach huts, there has been windsurfing almost every day. There is definitely a resurgance going on there - more about that later. This sea breeze came up, it was afternoon, Casey was asleep. The 6.6 was already rigged up and plugged into a 120 litre slalom board, it was sunny so I told Liz that I was just going to sail upwind to the head (being Hengistbury Head) and back. Turned out I was pretty powered up and flew up there quite nicely. But there they were, looked pretty near really, the Needles.

Half way there decided that I couldn't really turn back. Was really well powered, felt really comfortable and what had started as a beam reach turned out into a full on broad reach, having to bear down some pretty good size swells to keep on track. The crossing itself was amazing, really exhilirating, in part because I hadn't actually let anyone know the plan, and the other part because of the full on broad reaches and near catapults. It only took 20 minutes in total I think, not sure how far it is, but it is way quicker and £80 cheaper than taking the ferry.

Next year I'm doing it again, this time with all the gang in tow, hopefully.

So far it has been a really good summer for windsurfing I would say. Most days have had some sailing in. Saturday was even up to 30knots. With a really fun session at Avon beach. Load of loops going around, I lost count for a change,
and some incredible freestyle from Bubble.