Windsurfing in the Carribean in the UK

I have never been to the Carribean, but I imagine it would be like this. Turquoise sea, force 4's, warm water slapping your shins, sailing in shorts, free ride zig zagging with your mates. Partners and kids messing about on the beach. I can't actually afford to go to the Carribean, but if this weekend down at Mudeford beach huts is too go by, then all I need is some rum and a steel band. Be warned, there is a Go Pro HD camera around!

It was bloody nice to be on the water. I had my trusty 6.6 Simmer V Max which is a rocket ship of a non cammed slalom sail and Colins JP supercross boards from a few years ago. He has no where to store it and it has been stored in various places such as Gregg's garage, my garage and more recently underneath the beach hut. Seemed more sensible to store it there. It's a nice board, but I need a bigger fin. 34 is just too small to wind up properly for me. I keep bidding on fins on ebay, but some gremlin seems to outbid me too often. These boards were meant to be raced and spocked. I have to say a spock is probably the last thing I would want to do on it! Race perhaps.

 Would like a full on slalom board though, perhaps not the sail. Somewhere in the distance was Jim Crossley with probably a sail bigger than T Rex, fanging off (or being towed) downwind by his monster machine. Looked a heap of fun. Myself and Olly Wood were more than happy just racing each other.

'Not enough downhaul Daddy'
Having the camera mount is actually hell of a lot of fun, you really find out all the faces you pull when sailing along.