Well it wasn't a total failure with the camera. Still trying to find which angles are the best ones with the go pro. Charging the batteries properly is certainly one angle I might try and get right. Sailed two sessions today with Ollie Wood. The morning had better waves but less wind, then the other way round in the afternoon. Worked out that if the camera is set to take pictures every 5 seconds then it misses quite a lot. I did quite a few forwards, but if you think about it they take about a second or so. Even Koster probably doesn't manage a 5 second foward too often. Set the camera to take every 0.5 seconds then you have a 1000 shots before you know it. Not good if this coincides with a lull, or a lack of waves. Which in this case it often did!..

It was great to see Coxy out on the water after a long absence. He is still recovering from an ankle injury and operation. It's very unsual to see him charging around avoiding any jumps. He was stoked to get out for an hour. His brother Tim, also stoked to get out, especially since he didnt have any kit returning from work. I saw him running down the hill waving frantically at me. I let him go out on my kit, if just to watch him sailing in his underpants!

you might notice the pictures of Gregg on his Maui project, project again. (He did prefer his Goya quad,) but actually despite being powered for a lot of the time on a 5.0 an 85 litre board seemed to small today. I spent the whole day on a 95 quantum quad which was perfect really. It was a lot of fun getting the most out of what waves could be found and certainly seemed to get going easily enough, seems such a perfect board for the sort of windswell we get at Southbourne on lighter days. You do notice how much more a quad needs to bear off the wind to get going properly when it is a bit marginal, but you get so much more out of them in terms of getting exactly where you want to be, both on a wave and just cruising around to be in the right place.