nose mount

A hangover, slowness, coordination fail and even lunch, slowed my progress today. Gregg, Colin and a well chuffed Simon Cox did the right thing and went out early. Simon has a new place, rigging distance from Southbourne. Today was the first time he was able to test out his new 'front' garden. Nothing special out there today. Very onshore, no swell, good 5.7 weather and fun blasting around for them. For me I got planing a couple of times by the time I got out, missing most of it. However I was more interested in testing the sturdyness of the go pro nose mount I have fixed to my board. Judging by the pictures of mainly non planing, I am really looking forward to getting some action shots. It can be angled towards me, or the other way, which means some cool shots chasing the others on the water - especially the mid air ones!!