nice bit of wind and swell yesterday

A bit onshore .. Only kidding!! I think we skipped the sea breeze season here and went straight to the tropics. I can't see waveboard weather for a long time, but maybe we have just got used to 'good' summers, which most consider as bad summers. I always keep quiet amongst those you claim that we haven't had a 'good' summer for years. In my short memory it has been very good. A couple of years ago we were grabbing our smallest sails regularly. Maybe then, everyone else deserves a good summer. It has been very pleasent going for proper swims in the sea most evenings. Over the next few days there might be some 
North Easterlies. I have a slalom board and a 6.6 under the hut, so I think that is the most I can hope for. Even then I don't think a wetsuit will be needed. 

If we do get wind, I am warning for you now, be prepared for a complete overload of go pro camera mount shots. It was my birthday recently and I got the whole kit, so mast mounts here we come....If you can get out this weekend then happy sailing!