Probably the best weekend forecast ever (day one)

I must be a real grown up office bloke these days cos I was telling everyone what a hard week at work it's been. One of those weeks so full of meetings that you don't have any time to do the things that it's agreed you'll do in any of the meetings. Or even write down what it was that you were going to do. So that by the end of the week you can't even remember what it was that you were supposed to do, but haven't done. Against this backdrop of pointless stress, I found just enough time to keep an intrigued eye on what must be the best weekend forecast ever. It's the longest day of the year = hours and hours to fit in essential weekend tasks (washing & ironing shirts, very important to look good in all those meetings next week), remembering what your baby looks like after a week in nursery, ditto your partner, and manage a proper, three hour session at the beach. Warm water. Waves. Low tide, and guaranteed wind blocking out the entire Saturday and Sunday. None of this 'oh it might blow through of Friday nonsense'. This was a forecast that you'd order as a special treat if they came on a menu and were damn expensive. 

It was such a good forecast you could have gone anywhere, and guaranteed it would be good. No time for that this week, and if anywhere is good, that means Southbourne's good. So why worry?

It turned out not to be a true classic, a bit too onshore, and waves too close together, and the water a bit too low on the sandbar, but solid 4.5 wind and plenty of people out on the water, all having a good time. 

I finally feel like I've got the hang of my quad after being deeply suspicious that it more fins was more about being more fashionable than more performance. It's a Goya 84, and it has the line 'your next level in windsurfing' written on it. For a while my next level was catching a rail at the start of the bottom turn, falling off and having a large wave wash over me. I don't really know what I've changed, but I've stopped falling off and really enjoyed it yesterday and seemed to connect with some solid sections in control. I think, in a good way, it's just a deeply boring board, very slow, draggy off the forest of fins, ploddy and predictable. But actually, that really works. Anyway, pics below from Saturday. More today!