Probably the best forecast in the world. Ah.

OK, Day two of the best forecast in memory (bearing in mind I have the memory of a goldfish). As late as Saturday evening it said Sunday was going to be westerly, the swell sticking around and wind all day. In which case, Southbourne would be firing at low tide, Highcliffe maybe even better, but no need to drive anyway. We did think about Kimmeridge, but not until it was too late.

Maybe that’s not what the forecast said by Saturday evening, I honestly can’t remember. But there was definitely some north in it by the time I walked the dog on Sunday morning, and that should have got my brain working, but it didn’t. In about seven years of living around Bournemouth I’ve never managed to catch the local beaches really working when it swings a bit offshore. Or at least, not for much longer than an hour or so once it swings. Kimmeridge on the other hand is at its Jurassic best with the Bench providing waveriding to rival just about anywhere on the planet. Or so I’m told, I’ve never been organised enough to get there at the right time. Round here the wind is weird and patchy, coming through in lumps that leave you stacked one minute and sinking the next. And always sinking on the inside where the waves are. The waves look pretty as hell, but they’re in too much wind for any sort of surfing, and not enough for wavesailing. It’s a bit sickening because it looks almost epic. Almost.

A few people tried it on kites and windsurfers, I watched several times from the cliff top, always thinking, hoping, maybe it’ll be better later. Eventually, at about 4pm I realised I was watching it get steadily worse and I’d wasted a whole day too full of anticipation to do anything else. I went and designed a kitchen for the new house we’re buying.

Still I can’t complain. I’m not complaining. One day of full on wavesailing in June, falling on a Saturday, is not something to complain about. But it’s hard not to feel aggrieved for leaving a bit in the tank yesterday in expectation of an even better day today.

And so to Monday. I’ve not looked if there’s any wind (of course I have really, but there isn’t). But it wouldn’t matter anyway. Monday the meetings start again.

I got a message from Emile regarding my last post. He passed this on:
 Meetings are an addictive, highly self-indulgent activity that corporations and other organisations habitually engage in only because they cannot actually masturbate. 

- Dave Barry, Pulitzer Prize winner

The pic? That's what today was supposed to be all about...


  1. Well if its any consolation I don't think the bench was happening today! When I'm more of a free man ill be there. And windy as hell wnw

  2. Great picture, and I am surprised it didn't happen for you today, when was the picture taken, it looks amazing.
    Westward was smoking and the Points firing, but was only relieved of family duties for an hour each day. What a great weekend.


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