From Out of Nowhere...

Despite moving nearer the sea, I haven't seen it much recently. Fortunately in many ways it hasn't been too windy. Life has been work, renovate, work, renovate, work some more. Today was epic for the main reason that I got to the beach for Charlie's birthday BBQ. Not only was it hot, these lovely little waves were coming in from no-where. I didn't even have my SUP, but since everyone else has joined the bandwagon there were plenty to go round and we were all just in our boardies. Was incredible really. I grabbed Brollys new JP which was fun, but at 10' 4, doesn't turn anywhere near as like as the pocket rocket 8' 5. 2 hours down at the beach, then it was back to more plaster boarding!!

Charlie Hall, birthday boy taking a ride..

Faith no more!