Something to Blog about at last..

Sunny, Windy and Saturday...Unfortunately not all the troops could make it out. Coxy was in meltdown, lockdown, kind of anti cyber matter server black hole. Gregg was Alba sitting so volunteered for pictures. Colin and Matt were around for a bit, Colin I think could only make it if he could squeeze in between his coffee meetings.

This morning I could feel the wind in my loft, now that is not some kind of romantic song, it's just I was up in the loft getting rid of all the crap because we are moving house. I was in hyper drive to get everything done and get some time on the water. I was adament it was going to be 4.5 weather. Damn it, it wasn't. Matt Wigham had been out and said he was struggling on a 5.7. It looked windy, there weren't many waves. Surely not another non planing windsurf!!!

Turned out it wasn't, I would have been fine on a 5.3. Now I was just uncomfortable on a 5.6. I then spent the next hour or so searching for some waves to give Gregg something to take a picture, turns out there were not really any. But all in all, it was actually pretty nice. However, well, however, there is always a however - what does it even mean!! However, again, we need some full power, wound up, balls to the wall 4.5 weather, big ramps, just wind, wind windy!!!!!! When will it happen..

Weapon of limited levels of destruction today! Quick for 4 fins though. 
Pictures at last! Maybe Wednesday might deliver....We need a big Wednesday.


  1. Tomorrow's the day. Gonna try & make on shore Milford to cross shore Avon. Hope to see you ripping!

    Charlie W


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