Yellow mornings

Arrived at kbay before nine am yesterday and it was rammed! All the pre work surfers making use of the incredible swell that was coming through. I was half tempted to re unite myself with my surfboard, but thought better of fighting for a peak. Instead paddled over to yellows where there were only a few of us out.  kbay in my opinion on a day like today is just as good as anywhere in the world. The peaks and channels are so clear. On the way to yellows I just stayed a while on the edge of the ledge just happy watching the surfers pick off perfect lefts. Times like these you need a go pro cam.

At yellows I think I.scored probably the best waves I've had in the bay. Over head high, clean and long. I counted of over 20 seconds on one, which doesn't sound like a long time but it is on a board. Some.of the waves were bigger, one guy on a very small sup took off late on a good 6 to 8 footer, and managed to make the drop. Would have made an excellent shot. The left is so good at yellows that in three hours I never got trapped on
The inside and always made the channel for a.flat,.if slightly long paddle.