Windsurfing, it feels good

Wwindsurfing, is definitely very hard work. I was panting a lot today because I haven't been out for ages. Ideally I would have liked the first windsurf for about seven weeks more of an easy force five.hook in kind of things. Instead it was a gusty float and ride with just about enough wind to occasionally sit in the harness.

Despite that it was actually really good. For most of it I had the whole of yellow ledge at kbay to myself. Hunting around for waves and then three really nice first wave was a quick reminder of why I love windsurfing so much, just as much as it was an explanation of why I have been a miserable git recently and really pretty hard to live with. This wavesailing is impossible to live without.

I used my quantum wave 95 and a 53 blacktip, maybe I should have used the 5.6, however it's really hard to know if it would be a benefit. I kind of think if the waves are powerful enough and it is cross off, then probably not. The board was fantastic, so.much better than freestyle waves of the same size I have previously owned. It allows really tight turns, the speed the quad takes you back.up.the waves, like you are on rails is something else really.

I would have stayed out longer if the waves had not dropped and I didn't have a romantic date planned with my wife (planned by my wife I hasten to add) . I was told not to be late!

However there were things afoot that would not let this happen. On walking back from the ledges some people asked me if I knew the guy struggling out to sea. Then the coastguard turned up. Turned out it was Duncan, who I had only.just met that afternoon. He looked ok to me, however because they were firing they didn't want to take the boat to him, so we're shouting for him to paddle over to them. Not sure how they thought that was possible since the wind was taking him to the beach anyway. I'm sure if left he would haven been fine, however they were calling then helicopter to airlift him which sounded a bit ridiculous. I decided that I better take my paddle board out, at least he could sit and paddle.that in and I could sail his kit in. It worked a treat, much easier and cheaper than the helicopter! The land coastguard even gave hI'm and his kit a lift back. I paddled back pretty knackered now, hoping that I might have a good enough excuse for being late. It is good to know though that even in a relatively remote and place like kimmeridge on a quiet day that if things go wrong there are people looking out for us.