So close

I think desperation must have clouded our judgement. I think today was meant to be windy, but despite several attempts it just wasn't quite there. It was even more frustrating as we watched too many good waves go to waste. Southbourne waves are not quite like Cornish waves, a bit of wind is needed to actually ride them. The really frustrating thing as any parent knows that water time can be a rare commodity, you have to pick your moment well otherwise you lose out twice.

Gregg about to finally get a go on his new Goya Quad (the wind curse) - unfortunately too many waves like this went to waste.
This was one of those instances, I could have spent 3 hours having family time and picked the time it was windy (and sunny) which was 5 - 6.30. Instead I jumped the gun, got too excited, put the little one down for his afternoon nap and rushed down the beach. It did look good, but we then spent the best part of two hours procrastinating, looking upwind and trying to pretend it was windy enough.

By the time we canned it and went to do family time, there was a change in weather - wind whistling down the side of the house and an opportunity lost. I did try to get out again in the evening and got the end of it. 2 runs and one fun wave in the evening sun.

However, despite all that, I am not too disappointed  There were two good things about today, I finally got to have a go on my Simmer Flywave 85. On the one wave I had on it, it felt amazing. I can't wait until tomorrow to try it some more (although it will be onshore and not side like today). Secondly, my hands didn't even get slightly cold - the first time since November. This is very good news.

You can guarantee that whatever happens in your life, one thing never changes - the Southbourne shorebreak, kinda reassuring really.