Options, options, options.

It's criminal. How do families afford to go away in school holidays? That is the question I asked my colleagues today. The plain simple answer "we don't"!

Oh. Of course there are peak times when travel companies cash in to make the most money, however when prices literally go up by 900% I think it's pretty criminal. Flights to places that were relatively cheap to get to such as the Canary islands are at the £800 pound mark. I once flew to Australia for less than that. Fewer people are travelling abroad because of the recession I guess - however maybe keeping prices stable throughout the year might see more people spending and travelling over the school holidays. It's a rant I know, the worst thing though is this. We found what was a reasonably cheap deal to the Canaries and went to book it, however the online form then told us that now that Casey had turned 2, he would pay the same as an Adult. (bear in mind he has to sit on my lap on the plane, so doesn't get his own seat, he doesn't even get baggage allowance and stays in the same room no extra bed - just a travel cot, plus he doesn't really eat as much as us!)

I'm sure it is a situation that many people have been wound up about before and will do again in the future.

It would be nice if they took a leaf out of the excellent Watergate Bay's hotel books, no extra charge for kids of that age, free dinner, use of creche play area and pool...

So, it looks like I am stuck here, definitely NOT paying 2K for a weeks trip to Fuerte! So having said that what are the options.

They seem limited. A lot of Easterly wind on the way. If there is a bit of South in it then KBay and Southbourne are actually really good. However the forecast temperatures say 8 -9 degrees, which does not seem too bad at first glance. The reality seems to be a lot lower. If you want water time, I think it is just going to have to be a case of grinning and bearing it followed by day time drinking. If that is the only option - then bring it on!