New Board

The worst March since records began. Maybe that is not how it has been expressed officially, something like the coldest March. In terms of windsurfing, it is probably been the worst start to the year since records began. I haven't windsurfed in March. It has been possible I suppose, but in the sub zero cross offshore kind of way. To cheer me up though a board arrived on my doorstep. Simmer Flywave 85. I forgot I had placed an order!

Anyone who has unpacked a board from delivery will know how much hassle it is (that does sound a bit crap), but there is a lot of unpacking to do. Not for Casey though, he thought it was the best thing ever, ripping off all the packaging, running up and down the board in complete excitement. His only frustration was that he wasn't tall enough to get both his feet in the straps. He has already worked out switch though!!