Cold Waves

A blip of swell, a temperature above zero and a dying offshore wind to limit the windchill. A Saturday free to get to Kimmeridge!

The journey from Christchurch to Kimmeridge can be a painful one, despite the distance being relatively short. Which ever way you go, traffic just limits your progress. Still, the forecast was good enough to not disappoint and as we got to the brow of the hill overlooking the bay we saw decent sized waves breaking in the bay. When this happens you know it is going to be good. In fact for rusty legs with a slight chop it took a while to tune into the conditions.
If you see a wave breaking here you know it is going to be good

Limited parking

Because the waves were a good size and there was a bit of wind, you actually had to take off in the critical section, which was actually barrelling a little, and not predictable. Before bagging a few good waves, I got a few good proper drillings. Leash snappers as Rob found out only too soon.

After this shite winter, this was the adrenaline that was needed. The view of yellow's, the Bench and the Ledge was exceptionally. Usually I would go and take advantage of those perfect lefts, however the  bay was packed. Every car park space taken. I would rather have my own waves than fight for a take off anytime. Especially if on a paddle board against a load of wave starved short boarders. As it was the middle of the bay was really good, then as the tide went out and the swell dropped there was a really nice left peak in the left corner.

But it was cold, the last 30 minutes started to drain any strength and heat out of me. My hands started suffering even in gloves. The swell dropped even more and it was desperation to get that last wave to get in.


  1. Looks good......had wind on Il de Re yesterday, sailed off a reef.....thought it might be like the South Gower-only in fin wrecking potential......what size k4's do I need for a massive quad, think I need a couple of sets to keep me running......SUP later hopefully......


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