The Wind Sacrifice

If you pretend it's not happening you can usually get on with it. Forget about windsurfing, do loads of other stuff. But then occasionally you go on a windsurfing website and see the slow motion film of Levi Siver. Oooh that looks nice you think, how good would it be to have that much control and timing of an aerial on a mast high bowling section then land perfectly on a nice clean wave face.

How nice would it be just to have some perfect frontside wave riding conditions, then you think...

How nice would it be to be sailing in just a pair of shorts, in some nice clean waves and catching the odd aerial. Just one day like that, could be, the best windsurfing day of your life. 


Here is the link, should you have not seen this film.

So, Dammit, Goddarn, Shucks... There is me thinking about windsurfing again. My kit is re-buried in the garage, I need to organise that. My wetsuit is in a damp pile somewhere. I don't have any boots, I left them drying outside the front of the house and one went missing. I really hope that it wasn't stolen, it stank. Who would do that? Anyone who owns a pair of those Titanium ATAN boots, will know exactly what I mean. Do I need boots? I presume the water temperature must have dipped after the last week of arctic weather.

So, I am thinking about windsurfing again. 

Ben Proffitt, likes to keep us updated on Facebook about his exploits. This time he hit a nerve. '4.5 weather, stunt ramps and waves rolling in at Coro' - WA. I remember that, it's such a good place. Then I remembered it has been 10 years since I was there. 10 years - I said I would go back straight away. I never did. I hope it isn't another ten.

So, anyway, to the point. Here is my gift to you all. Liz, my very good wife, is going away this weekend for a long weekend to the ALPS for some snowboarding. I am staying here looking after the Nipper. 

As a consequence of this, I have arranged for a low pressure bringing wind and mild weather to come our way on Saturday. I will mainly remain until Wednesday when Liz is back.

You can thank me later, in the Pub. I prefer Ale to Lager.