The Last Windsurf of 2012

And possibly for a while... who knows, but what a good end to the year. Had a few calls in the morning asking me what Avon would be like. I didn't know as wasn't really thinking about it because of daddy day care all day. It must have been good enough to get Chris Audsley to come out of the Hill Head wood work, only time I ever hear from the chap these days. Gregg had already been to the beach and gave it a good summary, fairly tame but good fun. A fair summation I think.

Chris mid flight on a rare back loop ramp

I spent most of the morning in the van watching with Casey, he was pretty happy sitting and watching all the windsurfers, getting really excited if something happens. Right now when he sees any windsurfer its always "Daddy". This is really good when I show him Polokow ripping up Hookipa, but not so good when it's someone getting punished in the shorebreak (perhaps a more accurate portrayal  though). His excitement for watching windsurfing definitely bodes well for the future.

Gregg "Moses" Dunnett
After an hour of watching Gregg "Moses" Dunnett part the waves! I had to get out, it did look fun. So a power half hour ensued whilst I stole Gregg's rig and he stood by the van keeping an eye on the toddler.

It's not a Simmer?! One borrowed Tushingham
 I actually had a decent sail, caught a few waves, did a few jumps, got snaked by Audsley on probably my only decent wave (appreciation for you). It was also pretty mild, I used my summer wetsuit with a
titanium thingy under it, had bare feet and was pretty warm!

too close
A few more snaps below. Colin managed to make it out of the comforts of his lounge to get out in the afternoon. By the sounds of it, the conditions had improved and got windier. Here is too a lot of water time in 2012!!