I guess we kinda knew this might happen. January is meant to be winter, sailing barefoot without even slightly getting cold feet on the last day of 2012 surely couldn't extend into 2013. Even this last week has been mild and there has been some swell around. Most are back to work so not thinking about it just yet.

Looking at the forecast ahead, it doesn't look too promising unless you are on a north west exposed coast, certainly down here there is nothing to look forward too. Long term, there is a big blip of swell out in the Atlantic, however with the Northerly airflow and the Beeb last night predicting snow (can't really see that happening), it's looking like a short term hibernation to say the least.

The main thing then is too keep as fit as possible, to make use of those power sessions that might spring up. I've started Circuit Training which I hope to do twice a week. Two days later I am aching quite a lot - a few different muscles than windsurfing. I felt great afterwards, although the next day I felt like I had a bit of a hangover, probably lack of alcohol and all those toxins from the xmas period being squeezed out of my system by a sudden increase in metabolism.