Expensively Cold

It is too cold for bare feet. I discovered this today. I will already know for tomorrow. Hopefully my boots will arrive soon.
Gregg on Quantum 95
Today must have been a good day. I didn't get fined by a traffic warden, I snapped a mast and Gregg snapped a board. For some reason, I am not that angry I was actually really pleased to get out on the water since I didn't think I would have any childcare.

Myself and Casey spent a lot of time at the beach today watching other windsurfers, it clearly had the makings of a good session. Cross to cross off for most of the day (until I went out)..
Bainbridge driving it harder than Murray
Colin wouldn't go out till later because of the Tennis, Gregg was doing house viewings, Coxy needed a hellava lot of persuading to go out because his ankle still hasn't recovered from Tiree. I really wanted to go out but had a minor in my care.
Timing Gregg, timing
Much better - I think your feet are still on the board!
There, is a lot of swell coming this way. Today wasn't meant to be that big, but as you can see from some of the pictures, the sets were quite sizeable. Fortunately for Gregg who snapped his board on his first run.

Strength of a Bear
 I had a good hour to wait before grandma came and picked Casey up, so he was able to use my Quantum quad 95. He now wants a quad - about time.

To end the day it was dusk, I was about to come in, however on my last wave I got an aerial, which made me all excited again - so despite having ice blocks for feet and pretty cold hands I went out for more. I took a peachy wave, on my second turn I felt I got a really  nice cut back on a steep section, came down in front of the wave then before I knew it, I seemed to be on top of my kit going over the falls - very wierd. Coxy later told me that I literally got sucked back up the wave - however he reckoned it was wave of the day! Maybe he was trying to make me fell better.

The new K'4s worked a treat, much more responsive than the G10's, the board felt even more responsive, lovely. Assymetrics too!

Pretty decent!