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Oops, a bit end over - 1st ramp, not quite ready, but so much fun
Made it out, finally. Saw Charlie at Southbourne at about 4pm. He had been sailing at Highcliff for the last 4 hours and said it was pretty good. He also said the day before at Avon was pretty good "Up to logo, 6 or 7 turns". I can quite believe it too, would have been amazing fun. Gary Lawton has been letting me know how good the other end of Bournemouth bay has been the last few days also. Seems that if you haven't been able to get out about midday this week, the extra low tide has really screwed things up. Great finish to January though, and by the far the best conditions this stretch of coast has seen for a long while

The last of today's swell - but have you seen the rest of the week!

Today was sunny, westerly and good waves. I could see as I got to the beach it was all dropping for the time being. I had rushed out of school only to recieve the txt of doom to remind me to pick the nipper up from the grandparents as soon as possible. I think I mis read the txt. Said I would try to be back at 5pm, busy at work.

I managed to grab the best part of 45minutes. Still barefoot, but this time reasonably warm. Had a fun mini session, although that sandbar is getting a bit savage, even when smaller it takes no prisoners! With the gusty Westerly I opted for Quantum Quad 95 and Black Tip 5.0. Turned out to be a really nice combination. There was quite a bit of current, and with the wind up and down the board just kept tracking.

Everyone should have one of these!
These big quads are perfect for around here. Recommend anyone to get one, especially the Quantum! If not then get yourself another brand. To have the security of the extra volume when you need to punch out and not waste time, and then be able to actually waveride such a big board with conviction is a pretty nice luxury. The other bonus is how well they track upwind, especially when you are not always fully powered. This is a really important quality if you want to get back to the peak in as shortest distance possible.

(Cheers for the pix Charlie)


  1. Oops at that 2nd ariel shot (JC would not be having that!)

  2. Southbourne sunny, west windy & really good today. James C (11-1.30pm-ish) & 2 others (after 2pm-ish) out on 5.3's/92/84lt's. Saw James do slick one handed backy early on & later couple of 360 off the lip goiter's. Me? Basically just tryin' to keep up but did score one fully loaded mast high monster & NEARLY got first full backy (move your body damn it!) after hitting one massive ramp at speed.

    Amazingly nothing broken AT ALL.


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