There is no opposite to exceed

I was trying to think of a word to sum up today, I just found out one does not exist. If there was a word to describe the result it would be the opposite of exceed. There is not such one, so I think it needs to be made up. Could be my mission for the new year. In short, for want of a better word, today "opposite' of exceeded all expectations!
Gregg taking one of his last waves as the wind dropped

Today didn't go that will for me, and I am a bit disappointed by some mediocre conditions for probably  the last sail of 2012. Probably it was just me as loads of others seemed to enjoy it, but I thought, that frankly the conditions were pretty crap unfortunately, and for whatever reason, again probably just me I couldn't get anything out of it today at all. I have to admit it, I am a Kimmeridge blasphemer. Like I always say, to myself anyway, never go there if the wind doesn't have North in it!

No north innit - I was promised a peeling reef break!!!

We hadn't planned to got there, Ringstead was meant to be the destination. I have never sailed there. However, I still haven't sailed there. I think we got mis-informed about the tide and arrived there just as the reef was starting to show itself. Big arse. we looked at Overcoombe, but that was small and gusty.

Some dude getting the last 20 minutes in at Ringstead before the tide dropped to far
We (Colin, Gregg, Grubby and myself) rocked up at Kimmeridge, the wind must have swung, because it was just a mess of whitewater on and off the planeness, and some hell chop once you got out of the bay. Unfortunately I just couldn't dial into it, couldn't find good ramps, waves that offered anything of a ride, plus I had a stonking headeache. Moan, moan, whinge.

Some kite dude pulling into a nice wave at Ringstead
Gregg said he had a fairly good sail though plus there were plenty others enjoying it. Anyway, I have my oath and I am going to stick to it. Southbourne on the other hand, was apparently, sideshore and a little intimidating... plus 2 minutes, rather than 2 hours in total from my house. Bloody hell I am a miserable F*****er!!! today

Some Dude on a Chopper having some fun upwind of the reef at "surfers"..hmm - imagine saying that the other way round
Gregg took out my new board too, said he wasn't that sure about it - but got some pretty nice frontside smacks considering!

Gregg not liking my new board in bolt onshore!
Some dude who has the same sail as Gregg, but clearly isn't, although I thought it was until I noticed the pink helmet.
Man and Dog re-unite, the happiest moment of the day!
Some dude having way more fun than I did!

Right now it is super windy outside, there is a really slim chance that I could get out tomorrow, however I also have the wetsuit rash from hell on my neck, I look like I have been hung from the rafters by some old frayed piece of downhaul rope, hopefully I will go to bed and then wake up in a chirpier mood!