3 Simmer Style Sails for sale still, I'm pretty rubbish at advertising or selling, they have been sat unused in my garage for a couple of months now!. Will post some pictures soon

Black Tips
Modern Four Batten sails are a must for multi-fin boards, they honestly transform the use of these style of waveboards. If you don't have a 4 batten sail in your quiver, then I really recommend you try some out.

5.6 Black Tip 2012
Great condition. Really good range and incredible bottom end. Light, feels like a 5.3

5.0 Black Tip 2012
For most the windsurfing I do, I could probably just use this sail. Incredible bottom end and top end because you can tune it so much through the outhaul. Great condition

5 batten, all round suit freeride, freewave and wave board. Fast and stable.

4.2 icon 2012
you can use this when it get pretty bloody windy, but it's not gutless should it get gusty and the wind drop

These are really good prices for the gear, so not much room for movement I'm afraid. If you are interesting then drop me an email at