FCS fin box to make a QUAD?

Is it possible to add the quad fins to a Twinzer using these FCS fins, or are they too weak. If they are could be quite a fun option for people wanting to experiment with fin options. Second hand twin fin boards seem to be super cheap on ebay.

The main concern I guess is that the retro fit wouldn't be strong enough. I could see that maybe be the case if you put in a set of G10 glass fins, but perhaps with   a set of K4's that are a lot lighter and with way more flex then it won't be so much of an issue.

The fin inserts are only £9.99 and are already bonded to some highdensity foam, they even come with a 9mm angle for deeper concave boards. Might try it out for a bit of interest on an old board. Would be interested in hearing anyones comments?


  1. Need to put that in my single fin (to make Quad?)

  2. Fronts should be ok, I know people tried to put 14cm fcs in the back of the original *board quad and that would snap the tabs. Our fcs will need 2.5 degree toe on the plugs :)

  3. What board have you put them in and did you notice any difference?


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