Energy Burner

Wow, really needed that. Like most of us, probably, there has been way too much food, wine, ale and too little exercise. I was in a xmas location that made it impossible to get out on the water, but didn't really miss it with all the usual xmas niceties.
Time to burn some xmas energy
Despite most of the country being underwater, (My school field is so covered in water, that reckon it is possible to windsurf on it - might try that later this week).

Today was pretty special really, sunny, windy some really good waves coming through towards the end (and after the photographer - my brother left)
Battle of the back loops

I was also keen to get out on my new Quantum Quad 92, really enjoying this board. By the end though I was stacked, over sailed, boarded and finned. In fact at one point I was sailing out to sea, into really bright sun when it must have been a force million, sideways head high chop, white water spray blinding me - I thought the world was about to end, the only thing you could do is battle down the hatches and hope that it dropped a bit so I could turn round, at that moment I certainly had not intention. However to still be able to wave ride on board that size when I could have been 20 litres smaller shows what good range these larger waveboards have. I'll write a bit more about it another time.

A Battle Coxy always wins!
There were some pretty good highlights, watching Gregg and Coxy pull into some fast breaking bowls, Gregg curling into a ball and hoping for the best on a forward gone wrong, Coxy doing the same when catching a super gusty windshift on a backloop that send him forwards and skywards.

you can only try
With so much weather on the way, unfortunately I am not sure what to think of it. In a previous blog I mentioned I had 1.5 weeks of freedom. Well, this is what happened. Liz reminded me she has to work on Friday, Saturday and Monday, then even more kindly she reminded me nursery was also closed. Waaahhh, double whammy stitch up of military proportions. There needs to be a sports baby sitting agency. I'd pay good money!

Coxy getting plenty of joy on his new 4 battens. Finally joined the club. 

Forgot to mention how good the waves were at then end, and the resultant long swims if it all went wrong. Need the exercise, so the felt good!

And to cap it off - the life of a parent, rigging frenzy, toddler in van waiting for mummy to come and pick up.


  1. WOW really envious, for a London boy it looks fantastic might have to cash in a few browne points and come down tomorrow and Suday.

    Where where the photos taken it looks like Boscombe.

    Fantastic blog

    1. Damn i keep missing this but at least i had great session at Compton/Brook on Isle Of Wight.

      Southbourne looking like it could be massive again tomarrow (prob be there early).

  2. Photos were taken east of the bistro. Charlie, I don't think u miss out, u get more water time than anyone I reckon. Tomorrow looks like it could possibly be too big for southbourne to hold any kind of face, but we will see. Really looking forward to it as not been on the water since Thursday.


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