Dawn raid hopes demise

Well any hopes I had of getting on the water early were dashed. Essex here I come then!..

In a way, I would rather see this than it going off (too hard to get out of bed anyway - that is the real excuse).

Tomorrow looks like one of those could be classic, or there could be not enough wind, or there could be just enough wind, or the worst situation: Not enough wind to windsurf, but too much wind to surf!

My hopes of getting out all lay in the laps of the M25 gods. Life is such a rush when there is no daylight.


  1. Well i said the high period had gone only 'cos Magic Sea Weed are giving B'Mouth area 6/7 secs on Sun/Mon whereas WindGuru & Big Salty 10 sec+...so guess could indeed be v.nice esp. Mon with more strength & more West.


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