A lot of unsettled weather around right now, not really sure what is going on weather wise. Last night was torrential, this morning was sunny windless with some nice surfing waves. This afternoon was Sunny, westerly and pretty damn nice with the odd set wave here and there. I got out and stepped onto my kit with new 5.0 Blacktip, planed straight off beach, perfectly powered up. It was sunny, I landed two backloops in succession then tacked onto some nice waves on every other run in. I couldn't quite believe it. In fact you don't need to. I was the only one out so I could be a lie

Well it didn't last long, a big cloud came and pretty much messed the wind up. The tide came in and pretty much messed the waves up, such a shame.

My first use of the new black tip 5.0. I guess I would say this, but it's even more well balanced than last years.


  1. Nice. Was on my down but decided to give Highcliffe a crack for 1st time. Pretty good session though got there 'bout an hour too late & don't reckon waves were as good as THAT. Two other windsurfers out.

    Charlie W (Green Vauxhaul Astra guy)

  2. Well, the waves were ok - I think you could pick them out for some bigger ones. I was really under boarded though towards the end. Expected to see you there! Did you try any Gu Screws!?


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