Is it worth it?

It just gets darker and darker
Soooo, this week. Of course is surrounded by two weekends, both not windy. In the week, while we are all working, it is wavesailing weather every single day.

To get out in the week you are either a tradesman, self employed, un-employed or a teacher - like me. It gets dark so early, so you have to be super organised because every single second counts. Park the van as near to the exit as possible. Make sure your wetsuit is dry and already set up, your parking change already in the ashtray.

You have to make sure you pack all your work to catch up in the evening, tie up loose ends so no one can catch you. Be aloof throughout the day so no-one try's to arrange an after school meeting. You have to let the class out 2 minutes early, so you can get to the van spot on time at 3.16 and get out the gate before the mums and chelsea tractors clog up and block the exits and before any senior management on gate duty notice your early escape. You have to drive fast, but not speed. You have to make sure you have already had a piss, had a drink, know your downhaul and outhaul settings. Forward planning is vital.

Then you have to ask yourself. Is it really worth it for 45 minutes of windsurfing with an extra 15 minutes of dark windsurfing.

The answer of course is. Yes it is.

Despite struggling to be in the right frame of mind to throw myself into loops, I usually need a period of calm to get levelled after a day of listening to the demands of all the very demanding minions. Despite the shock of changing from suit into wetsuit in a wet car park. It was definitely worth it. I was out on a 4.2, there were some nice waves and ramps. But before all too long, some rain came and it got to the stage where it is too dark to judge the water that you end up inevitably catapulting. After taking off for three backloops, I could not see my landing let alone spot it.

Finally, that bloody river that rushes out at Avon!

Needed a flash to find my kit


  1. Totally agree...its all about the organization. Haven't windsurfed for many weeks as surfing takes just a little less time, but ultimately maximises time in the water. Also hide your kit in the car, never travel to work with board on roof !!!

  2. All so true. Really like that photo. What is that anyway, foamy shit flying?

  3. Alien spacecraft I think. Area 69


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