Filthy South Coast..

at Jamie Hancock demonstrated just why he is the new UK champion. With conditions rarely seen here Powerful waves, cross offshore and lips that boosted floaty aerials. The funny thing about today, if you think fun is actually the sort of thing that has no type of humour, is that I didn't catch a single wave. By the time I could release myself from fatherly duties, the wind and waves had gone. It was 10am. Gregg, Jamie and James all put on a good show. Even now from my hour of disappointment I am still bloody cold. 


  1. Conditions look amazing from the snaps! What beach is this please?

  2. Hi the beach is Southbourne (between Bournemouth and Christchurch). However, you have to remember it is usually cross on - so it is rare to get such a big swell in a wnw, which is what it was that day. It wasn't even that bigger period to the swell, but combined with a good wave height and the right state of time it was quite amazing. Hopefully we might get some more this winter...

  3. Holy Smoke! Was on my down again but decided on Milford On Sea this time. Amazing conditions there too despite wind being more like side to side on.


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