Dog Fight

The following sequence was captured by Ollie Wood when having a breather from last Wednesday's exertions...

For some reason Andy King presumed that I might be in control when I backloop, and assumed he could take off from the same ramp as me. You can imagine what might go through your head when you go a little higher than expected, then look over your shoulder and see Andy full power taking off a yard behind you. I should have held on, but survival instinct told me to bail.  It was a close shave.

(As mentioned before Andy was borrowing kit for the day and doesn't normally use Ezzy or Quatro, on commenting on getting used to the kit, he reckoned it took ten backloops to be able to get used to properly. Hmm, yeah, hmm I nodded, thinking, did I even go for ten backloops...)

Andy on the other had the option to decide to change to a push loop to avoid a mid air fight.

He reckon as his nose came down it slid across my mast.


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