Baby It's Cold Outside

Debbie Kennedy

It signifies the long, long, looong dark months ahead until March, maybe April when their is frost on the van in the morning. The heating as to come on and you find yourself wrapping long wooly objects round your neck. Next thing it will be tearing the garage apart to find stinking rubber things to put on your feet. I hate this time of year, the cold the long nights and general lack of opportunity to get on the water. It looks like we are in for some wind next week, some amazing swell according to Big Salty. I just hope there are enough people free of shackles of work to make use of it.

In the meantime, here are some lost pictures of a special day in Sidi Kuoki with Jim Cox, Jack Hunt and womens 2012 champ Debbie Kennedy. Warmer times!
Pictures by local photography ace Oliver Wood.

Captain Jim Cox


Mother Ship

Jack Hunt


  1. That looks like a pretty sweet day. Already missing the summer despite it being so wet. Just seems so cold and dark now.

  2. I know, was sunny today. I skipped out of work to get some surfing in. It was flat, so sat in the cafe watching the sun set which was 4.15. Depressing!


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