Avon with pictures

Well sort of...

The action was pretty radical, if the waves were not. For about 2 hours I would say it was pretty good, waves seemed to be shaping up nicely, the sort that look like they had potential and it was super windy. Unfortunately that part didn't last too long (the waves- not the wind). The problem was when the tide started rushing out, combined with the bloated rivers pushing out of the harbour flattened it all off. Still, if you were a spectator you would have been in for a treat.

Clyde Waite
Several moons collided, or aligned maybe misaligned. Something happened anyway, that for between 1 - 3pm several of the countries best wavesailors met up at Avon and were out showing why they are just that. Myself and Ollie Wood, were joined by Jim Cox, Andy King, Paul Hunt, Emile Kott and just crowned UK Champ  Jamie Hancock. With plenty of wind and ramps for jumping there was some insane demonstrations of how to do 20ft+ backies, forwards and pushloops. At anyone time there seemed to be at least 2 people rotating in the air. It must have looked good because there were at least 5 photographers lined on the beach. The sun was out too.

James Cox

One of a hundred

Andy King turned up without any kit. He had come from Cornwall for a family function and his generally laid back wife decided that this time he couldn't put any kit in the car - it was a family visit. He managed to sneak in a wetsuit, harness and harness lines. Coxy and myself managed to piece together a load of kit for him to use. Just as he was about to go out this little kid went up to him and said "I bet you fall off" then giggled and went back to his parents. Andy sailed off the wind, bore off to full speed, then launched into a massive stalled forward. The kids face was a picture.

A King

Jamie Hancock in perfect control as usual

A crash waiting to happen - see later

For me though it was an amazing sail, I know the waves could have been better, but to have a complete guilt free afternoon in terms of work, children and wife. To be out in sunshine, doing (crashing) 20ft jumps and surrounded by a load of mates all whooping each other on, sailing in one place, is a rare thing. Especially on a Wednesday! To add to the fun Gregg and Colin turned up (although maybe this didn't add to the fun because shortly after it went flat.)

It was good to see Hunty, not least because he had lost a batten - still, which was funny. But his wife is Expecting and due on Saturday (which at my last look was a good Kimmerige forecast), so he is making use of his last few days of leisure before fatherhood calls!
Paul Hunt - expectant father looking down from above.
As ever the day ended on a high! Andy was returning Coxy's kit and commented on how he was surprised that Jim didn't want to use his 78 Quatro since it was so windy. Jim is like, what you talking about, I was. Looking at Andy's kit (and never trust a King), he was in disbelief as Andy unpinned the 78 from his kit. Coxy had been out all afternoon on his 85, thinking it was the 78 and thinking Andy was having to put up with a too bigger board. What a Cox.

Like all good sessions, it ended with some Ringwood Best and a packet of pork scratchings in the local pub. Nice.

Avon Beach is a funny place really. It can be really really good, but a lot needs to come together. Generally it's a storm beach however if the below conditions coincide then you can get long peeling x-off down the line riding. In southerly like yesterday it is still relatively side shore, which is something most places on the south coast are not.

Classic Avon Beach
Wind : South West (side-side off)
Swell :1.5 metre plus
Period: 11 second plus
Tide: Neep pushing in
River: Not too much rain before hand

And hope that the sand bars are in the right place. Get these conditions and you will be very happy.