glassy smooth

Nice amount of groundswell today. Not as much as originally forecast and I couldn't make the decision whether to go to Kimmeridge - probably should have. Boscombe was nice though, even got a few decent drops.

By all accounts the swell is HUGE in the West country. Charlie went for a one dayer to Saunton. Charlie is a pretty good surfer and reckoned it was the biggest he has ever surfed - and clean. Emile managed to get to Watergate Bay this weekend (he was meant to come last weekend but was in hospital or something like that - not sure what happened, but everyone is calling him Emilie now). Gregg is on the Gower so bet something good happened there.

Charlie's view on arrival to Saunton
Tomorrow has a 14 second period and 1.5 metre wave forecast for Kimmeridge. That is going to be amazing, but like most of us, we have the restriction of work. Hopefully I'll be able to get out at Avon or Boscombe. Avon can have ridiculously long rides with a swell period like that - if you have got a paddle board!