'Don't forget I am getting my legs waxed at 5.15 today', was the last thing I heard as I rushed to work this morning. Well that put a stop to my visions of getting a couple of hours in after work on a great forecast. 'Ok, well bring Casey to the beach at 5pm and I'll come in and take it from there. At least I'll get an hour in'.
possibly the worst photographs ever
In fact I was really enjoying the conditions, some good sized bowls and good swims. Some big jumps and I was only just getting into it when I realised it was five to five, had to scramble up the Cliff in turbo time. Get the boy and the dog. 'At least I can watch the boys out on the water (Coxy, Timo and Pete) and take some pictures'. Cue torrential downpour, a soaking wet screaming child no likey the strong winds and down pour, kit to get de rigged and a dog who had lost her ball.
Thinking about it, I see less than this without my contacts in

Just what order do you do things. I can't take the boy to the car and go get the kit. If I de rig the kit he will be soaked. I can't carry the kit to the car and leave the boy at the edge of the cliff. I definitely can't take any pictures. Although as you can see I tried. It's not speed blur or that they jumped so high.

OK. De rig, take some kit to car. Give doggy and boy biscuit, to keep them both happy. Carry boy back, put him in back of van whilst I get some stuff away. Drive back in wetsuit, change boy into dry clothes before his lips go completely blue.

Actually was quite a success, might do the arrangement again.

And...tomorrow looks like a good day...Although I am much less organised with work, still while the sun shines make hay.