A SUP contest

Someone had the bright idea to enter a SUP contest at Watergate bay and stay in the hotel. The Hotel is amazing, pricey, but wierdly worth every penny. It is probably the best hotel I have stayed in. Built for surfers with families and more. The contest itself was a bit of a disaster. The organisation excellent, we were even emailed our heats and judging critera before the event.

We could have competed in this..

Perfect glassy peeling waves on Sunday..

But instead we spent the day flapping around in the shallows, with high onshore winds, huge currents and nothing but whitewater. You could not even get past your own depth. It was embarrassing. I think I probably saw one wave actually caught on an open face the whole day it ran. No one actually could get out back. It was a bit like sending formula one drivers out to race in a freshly ploughed field. Still, had an amazing weekend and a lot of paddling to stay still. Sunday morning was superb surfing whilst the paddle race was on.

This was when Saturday had cleaned up!