The first of the autumn gales

Unknown sailor bailing a backie
 2012 didn't really have a summer as such, but even so, the change to autumn is marked. It's rained buckets for days, but in between the downpours there have been some strong winds and even some sunshine. I managed to get over to K Bay for a few hours on one day, and head back to Southbourne for a second session, and tried out nearly every size of my new sails in the process. They are the new Tushingham Rocks, which replace my battered and knackered collection of sails. I've still got the knackered and battered collection of boards, in fact I added to it the other day by buying an AHD Kauli Pro 82 for fifty quid. Fifty quid?! The world has gone mad

I don't think I've ever had a new quiver of sails before, even in Boards days we'd only ever have a few sails each year loaned to the ever-ungrateful test team, which usually didn't quite work together. So it's a treat to have a van full of matched sails. It's a treat to have a van to be honest. It makes me think about the disconnect between time and money. You can always have one but not the other. For years I had no money, but plenty of time to wonder how I'd spend it if I ever got some. Now I've 'settled down' got a proper job and don't have any time whatsoever, suddenly I've got enough money coming in to have decent kit. I'm sure the new baby will put pay to the excess of money pretty quickly though.

Anyway the new sails. I used the 4.0 and 4.5 at Kimmeridge, but I'd stupidly not bought a 370 mast, and had both rigged on a 400 mast, which doesn't really work. (Have corrected that now by spending even more money). They both felt very nice though, and it makes a change to be able to see through the window.

Back at Southbourne I put up the 5.0, on the right mast, and that did feel very sweet. I've had the 2011/12 Rocks which were fine but a bit uninspiring. But this 2013 one does feel very nice. It has the springy feel that I associate with Tushinghams, and which really seems to aid early planing and pumping to get going early.

Colin back from Mexico
The new Rock 5.0 forwards

And backwards

Colin contemplating the Southbourne shorebreak