Nice Very Nice

With all that rain I really didn't expect to get anything to write about today, so it's a complete surprise that, on occasion, I probably had some of the best wave riding waves I have ever had at Southbourne.

I wish I could have had a camera to take a shot to show some of better the waves coming through. You can just see in the distance the wave formed and peeled in the distance.

Easterly swells always break really well here, they peel well and open up away from the beach, especially in front of the Bistro, however it is rare to get them with any useable wind. I presumed I would go out sink and just have a swim. I don't have a big board yet and just had an 82.

What a complete surprise to get a couple of waves and get some really smooth vert turns in, it wasn't a fluke and every now and then I picked up a wave worth writing about. It is soooo nice to get such smooth waves, where a twin really comes into it's own. They were not that big, and the swell wasn't meant to be. Had we scored it at low tide it could have been amazing. As it was the tide was flooding and the waves started to become to full to break. At times the sea just looked flat.

This was also the first time I used my new 5.3 black tip, I made the error of setting it a bit fuller than it should be. What a mistake, the power from this sail is incredible, a cliche I know, but it drives like a 5.7 but then maneouvres like a 5.3. Amazing.

The other surprise, is that Gregg has a full brand new quiver of sails AND masts, that must be a first - he is getting with the times. Wait to see some ROCK action soon....

Looking forward to the rest of the week now, if we can get away from work on time...