Kit for sale - Gregg's shed clear-out

I've decided there's too much kit in the shed, and it's time to allow it to let it go, stretch its wings, find its own way in life.

If not I'm in danger of opening a museum of old and knackered kit. 

Not that this current selection is all old and knackered. But the prices do reflect a certain level of experience that each item has gained, over the years.


Gun 4.7 Wave Sail. (Red one in the pics) Originally from someone much better than me, hence the stickers. It's in pretty good condition. Certainly good for a few seasons. My 'best' sail until recently, although I didn't get to use it much. £150

Tushingham 5.2 Rock 2011/12. It's seen a bit of use, but then so's Kate Middleton (allegedly) and millions of people are looking her up online. OK - I know that's not relevant. It's got a couple of replaced panels, one where I selflessly rescued a kitesurfer and his fin made a slice through the sail (he didn't even apologise, can you believe that?), the second where I was doing a massive aerial and got hit by a seagull (ok ok, I put it down on a post accidentally. Either way, both were professionally repaired by Concept Sails. It does have one hole in the luff sleeve (broken mast) and another patched hole in the luff sleve (another broken mast). This all sounds bad, but it's not in too bad nick at all.£150

Tushingham 4.2 Rock (older model - maybe 2009?). This is pretty knackered, but still works. £100 ono

Still to come, when I get the time to take pics, an almost destroyed Starboard Evo 75 (all laughable offers considered) and a custom Maui Project Style Medium!
contact greggpix at (put the at in the funny symbol) or phone on 07590 371374, all are located in the Southbourne area of Bournemouth, Dorset (but happy to pack up for postage if someone wants to have them sent).