The windy city

Four hour flight, four hour drive through the desert. The other car had air conditioning, our car didn't. Only towards the end of the journey did we realise that actually having the windows down made things worse. Like having a hair dryer on its hottest setting plus one blowing directly into your face. Sitting spread out uncut rollable sweating tongue hanging out parched, you could tell we were getting close to the windy city when the air tasted Different. Finally we were approaching Essaouria and it was nukin. An afternoon stacked on a 4.2 Charlie and Rupert, it was about their with windsurf. They were on the same size sails that Jack, Ollie and capTain Jim were on. What a start to the week and it hasnt stopped. Yesterday three of us were at mouldy, there was good swell and Again our smallest sail was too much. My smallest board and 82 felt like a tank, cranking into a bottoms turn took muscle, proper muscle. Jumping was too high so much so that within the first hour a flat landed back loop took toll on my ankle and put me off the rest of the session . James and jack were going for it though, going high and crashing hard. I wish I still had that mentality. However even those boys were going half as high as some of the locals. The height they were getting on some jumps was insane. This one guy on a 18 year old decathlon sail and a small old and Maui force was doing, and I have to use the word, sick bad loops. Or in Hill head language, Turbo sick.

today we will start with the boys at Essaouria Nd then move on to Sidi.