Should Have Been Here Earlier...

Don't you just hate that comment. Anyone with child care, work comittments, deadlines etc will know what I mean. We do what we can to get out as much as possible. Should have been here earlier is not the comment we want to here!

Still, what could have maybe been a frustrating sail at Broad Bench, turned out to be one of those epic afternoons, even if the conditions were not.

Jim and myself managed to get the afternoon free, despite many pressing issues. Emile and Dan Macauley had also managed it. It was sunny, warm, NW, and good swell forecast for Kimmeridge. Of course it was never going to happen. I believe, although lighter earlier in the day, the waves were a lot better.

Despite it being small on arrival, myself and Jim decided to walk our kit to the Bench, sailing a 80 litre wave board up in gusty cross off conditions, with the current, may never work.

The waves, were small, it was super gusty, occasionally a wave reared up demonstrating the magic of the place, and as ever the scenery was/is amazing.

To finish it off, a crate of beers I had got for Gregg  (who wisely stayed at work)  were still in my van, amazingly they were cool. Ten out of nowhere, a load of hoodlums turn up including Emile, Dan, Tris Best, Kev Greenslade, Nick Dempsey and a few others, soon the beers are gone, drunk whilst overlooking the bay, an epic end to an ordinary sail..