Today rained, hard. I thought it was also a bit chilly. My plan to be out all afternoon didnt quite happen. I had to wait for the torrential rain to stop and wind fill in. I decided on avon because it was southerly due to swing south west, meaning that there might be a small sideshore wave, plus i wanted to find some company. Turned out i only got an hour, because i suffered a horrendous nose bleed for no reason. Blood seemed to be pouring out my nose, being out to sea there was not really any way to stop it. On lamd i slpatted my towel with blood, and it it took a good twenty minutes to stop, meaning i only had 25 minutes of sailing time. The only way to contain it was to shove a rolled up bit of tissue up my nose. 20 mins left, decided to set a target of ten decent forwards. I only achieved 5, however this was partly because of kite lines being lowered in my way when gunning for a ramp. The problem is that, if the kite is way up wind, then they suddenly lower thier kite to bear away down a wave, you have no idea. Psychologically, the last thing you want to do is go for a high jump with a load oflines towering above you.

There is a plan for tomorrow also, I thought I had daddy day care all day, turns out there is a place at nursery, and hopefully a couple of waves for me on broad bench. My Kimmeridge trips are never that succesful, maybe this one might be different...