Dirt track to oblivion

Four hours at Essaouira on 4.2 in shoulder to head high waves was a jumping delight , this wasnt the original plan.

 We spent the morning looking for a point break near sidi kuoki, Sidi itself had a small wave and despite it being a good force six in Essaouira, the wind wasnt wrapping round the point to get to Sidi. Jack Hunt was determined to find this spot. we ended up on a dirt track on top of a cliff in the middle of a small goat herding village without the option of going any further. We were stuck in the wind line though and the full extent of the trade winds could be felt. By now it was noon and myself and jim were become nervous and twitchy about not being on the water.

We left the sub team back at the mistral centre set up properly to try and learn footstrap and harness work under Ollies guidance. Learning to windsurf in a force six is no mean feat, these boys have determination. By the end of the day Charlie Hall was even starting to ride a few waves.

We never found the place we were looking for, Jack has now aquired a map. Turns out we were 30k in the wrong direction. Try again today.

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