Back to Reality

Even after only a week in Africa, it is a culture shock returning to the lush, green, clean organisation that is England. Returning to find out the Nick Dempsey had taken silver this morning made it even more special. 7 days of full on wavesailing have definitely taken a toll on our bodies. Raw leathery hands, holes in feet, strained ankles, wrecked arms and hurt wallets, but what a feeling and what a week of luck to have good fun waves and strong winds all week. All seven of us catered for, from getting into straps and harness, to jumping heaven, and down the line fun. The breaks around Essaouria have it all. Second time I have been and I am sure there will be more to come. Keep an eye out for an article somewhere written by James Cox in his imitiable style.



  1. Great shots and sounds like a fantastic trip. Why didn't I go? Still you all really missed out here last Saturday. It was marginal planing, pretty flat and the main excitement was Colin's mishap in the shorebreak. Count me in for the next one. Will get my act together.

    1. Make sure next time you are in. Wasnt as usual, but we were lucky with the conditions. First afternoon we got there we were totally overpowered on 4.2's. There are literally a thousand pictures from whe. Charlies was doing water shots and just had it on rapid fire! Wuld have loved to see colins chorebreak mishap.


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