Rush Hour

Wednesday rush hour, 1.5 hours on the water, plenty of waves and I wanted to stay out way longer. I had to be at the nursery by 6, I got off the water at 5.45. Speedy de rigged, found my mast had jammed then hopefully the last torrential wave cloud for a while hit me. I just made it though.

Another afterwork session on a 5.0 and waveboard. What a great summer although there are whisperings in the wind that that is the end of it. I suppose a bit of sunshine wouldn't go a miss. I'm not so bothered though, I'm off to Morocco in a week.

Southbourne yet again seemed to pick up some really decent waves, you know you have a got some good stuff when you are getting dragged underwater just holding onto your back footstrap and holding your breath. It was all good just, Gregg, Pete and myself out until 10+ kiters turned and launched from our spot. Suddenly there was literally no where to go with lines all over the place, which kind of ruined it a bit.